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MSL2024 - Cleaning Tape Alerts

Schärer René
Occasional Advisor

MSL2024 - Cleaning Tape Alerts

we use Cleaning Tape like C7978A. The cartridge provides 50 cleans with Ultrium4 Drives. Now we got the following Alert from the MSL2024:

08.10.28 02:03:51.04 Attention:
Cleaning cartridge nearly expired
Task originator: 0x00 - libctrl
From: 0x02 - storage slot
Number: 0x06, 6

This message was generated automatically from HP MSL2024
Serial Number : xxxxxxxx
IP Address : http://xx.xx.xx.xx
Firmware Revision : 4.20
Library Name : xxxxxxx

How can we modify the Alert settings?
We would like to receive Alerts when the cleaning tape was use 45 times or more.