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MSL2024 FC on SAN

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MSL2024 FC on SAN

We've setup a SAN with MSL2024 FC connected, the HP DataProtect was tested ok. But ARCserver 11.5 tested with very unstable controll.(sometime OK, but fail in the most).

our environment is :
- 8 port SAN fibre switch * 2
- MSL2024 connect to both SAN switch
- Windows 2003(SP2) connect to both SAN switch
- ARCserver 11.5(SP3)

Is there anyone has any idea of this situation?
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Re: MSL2024 FC on SAN

try zoning out other host that is sharing the library. this will help to isolate if there could be other hosts in the SAN interrupting and causing the instability.
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Re: MSL2024 FC on SAN

Are you getting any errors? If you can explain in detail it will be easy to extend some more help


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Re: MSL2024 FC on SAN

The switch using default zoning (meaning no ristict to any device/host) and confirmed only 1 host access MSL2024 at the same time. Also one of the Qlogic channel was disabled in the ARCserver, we could only see and control the liberary thru a single path.

In our case,
1. ARCserver shown unable to format the tape when execution format command, but sometimes success.

2. Sometime shown device unavailable in starting backup, but some works.

3. And restore failed with "device not found" after some of the files restored (not some certain file, it just randomly jump out the error).