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MSL2024 Frimware upgrade failed

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Ahmed el feki
Occasional Contributor

MSL2024 Frimware upgrade failed

Hi There,

I'm facing a problem to upgrade the firmware of my MSL2024 from 2.4 --> 3.0 i got upgrade failed and an error code in the digital screen of the MSL D7 00

Library MSL G3 series 2.4
Drive ultrium3SCSI G54W

SCSI ultra320 HBA card
DL380 G4

I have did the upgrade before from the 1.7 --> 2.4 and it was fine. But at this time the backupexec 10 was not installed. I don't know if it could be the reason of the issue?

I have updtaed the HP storageworks L&TT to the recent version but it dosen't solve the problem.

Thanks to help me.

Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL2024 Frimware upgrade failed

All that the documentation lists for the D7 error is "Fatal System Error", "Power Cycle".

I assume you have tried the power cycle route before posting here.

Will the library function at all after the upgrade?

There are several methods for updating the firmware and a second try may be able to complete the update. If the web interface won't run try L&TT which will download over SCSI.
Ahmed el feki
Occasional Contributor

Re: MSL2024 Frimware upgrade failed

Thanks it was solved.