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Re: MSL2024 - SCSI Configuration Issues

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MSL2024 - SCSI Configuration Issues

We have a new MSL2024 (AH170A) with two LTO3 drives. In device manager we only see one tape drive recognised by the server.
Server is a HP Proliant DL380, Server 2008 (32 bit). No errors reported in Event Manager. No HW error or issues in Device manager.

Both drives use a seperate SCSI cable and are connected to a single Adeptec U320 dual channel card.
We have tried swapping cables between ID's and also channels on the Adeptec, but get inconsistant results. We have had both ID4 and ID5 seen, but never together. We have even tried new cables.
We power cycle everthing off, power up the MSL2024, let it complete its start up, and only then power on the server. We still only see one tape device.

We did take out 27\7 hardware Support Pack but it hasnt yet arrived by email yet so we are getting 'limited' HP support.

Any advice?
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Re: MSL2024 - SCSI Configuration Issues

HP will ask you to use 2 single bus adapters, rather than using a dual bus adapter. Check if you have a spare adapter and try connecting both the drives.

Curtis Ballard
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Re: MSL2024 - SCSI Configuration Issues

You didn't say how the busses are terminated. Inconsistent results can be caused by incorrect termination. You have to have a terminator installed on each drive and termination must be enabled on the HBA.