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Re: MSL2024 Second Drive Zoning

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MSL2024 Second Drive Zoning

Hello everybody,


I want to add a second LTO-5 drive in a MSL2024, which I want to use with HP Data-Protector to make backups simultaneously, but I'm not be sure how to configure the "zoning" on the FC-Switch.


Should I configure a new zone with only the backupserver and the second drive, or should I only add the second drive to the zone with the backupserver and the first drive???





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Mark Smithers
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Re: MSL2024 Second Drive Zoning



If you need the definitive word, then you should always reference the HP SAN Design Guide - latest version lurks here :


As a rule of thumb though, you won't go that far wrong with "Single Initiator, Single Target" for every zone you create.  In short, create a new zone and put the new drive and backup server into that zone.


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Re: MSL2024 Second Drive Zoning

Hello Mark,


thx for the answer , but I tested several different configuration and it looks like that you had to place a second drive in the same zone with the first drive (MSL 2024) and the backupserver, otherwise you can't find the drive in the devicemanager of the server and the "HP Library and Tape Tools" also report any errors.


After correct zoning, the next problem I had was, that I had to change the SCSI-ID's of the drives in the "deviceconfig" of Data Protector by hand, because DP changed all ID's in a wrong way, but I dont't know why.


But know all seems to be good, and I can run my backup jobs simultaneously :)