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Re: MSL2024 Tape Library <Unknown Media>

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Marlon De Ocampo
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MSL2024 Tape Library <Unknown Media>

Hi guys... We had this tape library and it works very well to us not until there are so many slots in our tape library that indicates . This could not be written or even change the label. I even replaced it with new tape but still no success.

Does anyone could help me with this?

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Re: MSL2024 Tape Library <Unknown Media>

Hi Marlon,

There may be several reasons for this. Try the following ::
1. Install and launch Library and Tape tools (
2. Select the Library and click on front panel button. Check to see if the tape media s listed in the source/destination slots with barcodes.
3. Ensure you are running the latest firmware on the drive and library.
4. Powercycle the library and ensure that the tape media are seated properly in their slots in the magazine. Restart the backup software servics.
5. Check to see if there is any error on the front panel of the library.

Also refer to the whitepaper on HP StorageWorks tape bar code label requirements, compatibility, and usage::
Marlon De Ocampo
Occasional Contributor

Re: MSL2024 Tape Library <Unknown Media>

Hi Ganz,

Thank you for your help. I did install the LTT software and did the firmware upgrade. I had no problem when clicking front panel. However, we are not using the barcode. Is this barcode necessary?

Anyway, the media are still labeled as unknown media. But I will check it tonight if the tape will be written. I experienced that sometimes even if the slot was named unknown media, the drive still selects the media and write data on it.

It's really a great help. I will post update on the result and probably will be needing your expertise again.

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Re: MSL2024 Tape Library <Unknown Media>

Hi Marlon,
You are not using barcodes so the label in question would be determined by the backup software.
Which backup software is used to manage this library?
Please check the backup software and share its details for further assistance

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Marlon De Ocampo
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Re: MSL2024 Tape Library <Unknown Media>

Hi Tarun,

I am using Symantec Backup Exec 12.5. The backup software automatically names the tapes. I could also rename the tapes from the software but my problem is most of the tape is not being recognized. It only says . As a result, those tapes that are named is not being selected by the backup software for data writing.

If barcode labels are necessary, do you have an idea where I can get those?