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MSL2024 disable admin password?

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MSL2024 disable admin password?



i made a stupid mistake, i set the admin password on the MSL2024. I am using the OCP to move out the media into the mailslot, change media, then move back media into the slot. But from now the "move tape" menu ask admin password, what is not really needed, since the library is closed into a secure room.


Its ok, i know is working as intended, but i would be more happy if would no need to type in the password all the times. Would be nice to disable the password-ask for this menu, or more better would be send back to sleep the entire administrator password.


It is possible somehow?


thank you very much


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Re: MSL2024 disable admin password?

Perhaps you can reset the admin password to all zeroes through the GUI (use the IP address of the library in your browser, log in as administrator).


I haven't been able to test yet, but that might be enough.   You might also have the "magazine access using front panel - admin password required" option set on the Configuration --> System page.   Uncheck that if so.


And also, it may be much easier to move the media through the library GUI -- start the move, and by the time you've walked to the library, it'll be done for you.  :) 


Let me know if none of these work for you.  Heck, let me know which one works if one does.

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Re: MSL2024 disable admin password?

hello Thomas, thank you for the reply,


well, as far as i know, the Magazine access using front panel - Admin password required


option affect only the magazine unlock - but i cleared the checkbox, restarted the device, but for move tape is still ask admin password.


I have tried the change of the admin passoword to all zero too, but i just have a new password with this :)


i was thinking to upgrade firmware, because atm i have 4.00, and i have a problem with the tape what the 4.20 is solve, but as i read, the firmware upgrade keep the admin password anyway. (and i scared with the losing the config, and i fear that is may affect the backup software too, so i did not touch at all, is not a major problem)


If the admin password stay with me, i will use the GUI-change-style...


thank you,


Curtis Ballard
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Re: MSL2024 disable admin password?

The function you want is there:

Configuration->Save/Restore->Restore Admin password to null


For future changes use of the "Save Configuration to File" before changing anything is a good way to be certain you can go back.


Re: MSL2024 disable admin password?

thank you very much


Re: MSL2024 disable admin password?

If you Have HP LTT installed, after you've scanned the device and it shows up correctly, click the loader and near the top of the program is an option for "Utilities" (The file tab, not the button). Under "Utilities", click "Run Utility", and one of the drop down options is "Library Temporary Password". This will generate a temporary password, based on the date and time that is shown on the loader, so before putting in these parameters, make sure that you have the date and time. This password that generates will only be good for that hour, but it should give you enough time to change the admin password. I know someone has already helped your situation, but maybe this will help someone else.

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Re: comment désactiver le mot de passe sur le pavilion dv6 3350?


j'ai malencontreusement entré un mot de passe en administrateur sur mon ordinateur et je n'arrive plus à m'en souvenir.

mais j'avais pris soin d'activer le lecteur d'empreinte à partir duquel j'arrive à ouvrir ma machine. afin de prevenir tout risque d'inacessibilté en cas de dysfonctionnement du lecteur d'empreinte, je souhaiterais que vous m'aidiez à réinitialiser le mot de passe.