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Re: MSL2024 only uses one drive

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MSL2024 only uses one drive

I have a MSL2024 with two Ultrium 920 LTO-3 drives, but I only can use the first drive.

the symantec backup exec tells me that I have two drives, but only uses one. Theorticaly I should be able to run two jobs at the same time if they are performed on two diferent tapes right ?

Please excuse my lack of expertise in this area, and perhaps help me to eliminate it.
Trygve Henriksen
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Re: MSL2024 only uses one drive

Which version of BE?

I'm not certain if BE is capable of running two different jobs at the same time.
I think there was an 'use all available drives' or something option somewhere, but can't remember where.
(Used to use that SW once... URGH, but as we switched to Veritas NetBackup, which I know is capable of using more than one drive at the same time, I was freed from running it. Now I just keep the HW OK)
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Re: MSL2024 only uses one drive

excuse my ignorancy, what means SW and HW.

BE I could se is Backup Exec, but the others letters, no way to know.

Another thing, I would loke to stay using BE, do you remember where was that option _?
Uwe Zessin
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Re: MSL2024 only uses one drive

SoftWare and HardWare

Re: MSL2024 only uses one drive

I think I have make some progress in this issue. But still I have some question to make here.

I have seen in the administration web of the MSL2024 some things that I don´t understand:

Configuration/System/Library LUN Hosted by drive = 1.

But in
Identity/Drive/Drive1/Library LUN Hosted by drive = Yes

Identity/Drive/Drive2/Library LUN Hosted by drive = No

I don´t know if that is the correct value it should have. I think that the fist question should be: what exactly means the parameter Library LUN Hosted by drive and what difference makes one value or another.