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Re: MSL2024 setup

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MSL2024 setup


I will rack mount MSL2024 tomorrow just double checking my steps...

Upon poweron and after setting the admininstrator password i must get the TL default IP address from the OCP

2. Connect from laptop via ethernet cable to TL (default IP) via browser OR will I be able to connect to the TL at this point to the TL via the network as well, instead of uing laptop.

3. Open browser: Is it http://xxx..... or https://xxx......  / do i add any port number?

4. Once suffessfully logged into RMI, change: network settings (new IP address), date/time, etc... 

5. Scan for hardware on windows server... ? Any available tool?

Please, any comments will be helpful. any training video's available to setup?

many thanks.





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Re: MSL2024 setup


You can refer below article... setting up network... on MSL library

HPE StorageWorks MSL2024 Tape Libraries - Configuring Network Settings

Note : When adding the network configuration does the deault IP address change to the new IP address, so the new assigned IP address will be use next time to connect to the RMI.   (RMI = Library IP Console for Browser) .



Re: MSL2024 setup

Hello @GaVB ,

With reference to your queries:

# 1  :   The library is set to DHCP by default. So the OCP will provide you the IP address. If however, you wish to configure static address, which is the recommended one, you may do so by navigating to Configuration >> Configure network settings.  

#2 You may either connect laptop directly to the MSL or connect the library to the LAN. If there is an active DHCP server, the library will obtain one and you may find out the IP via OCP to then be able to connect to the RMI. 

#3.  There is no port number required to be entered in the address field. It is the standard http://<IPAddress> and if secure mode is enabled, then https://<IPAddress>

#5  Ensure the Server model, the HBA, the cable, server OS, (FC Switch firmware/OS if connecting to a Fabric) are supported as per the compatibility matrix.  This matrix also provides you a list of backup applications that are supported with the library. 


The user guide contains step by step process for library install. It contains instructions for configuring the library, and testing connectivity.  Once the library is configured you should then be able to verify connectivity at the host level. Here are some additional resources to assist you with the same:


1.  MSL 2024 user and Service guide  (Refer to installing the library) -

2.  Troubleshooting Installation issues - 

3. HPE Library and Tape Tools - 

4.  MSL 2024 document list - 

5. HPE StoreEver Compatibility Matrix -


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Re: MSL2024 setup

Hi Gans_Tapes 

Many thanks for responding.

The TL was sucessfully installed/configured.

Thanks and be safe