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MSL2024 tape error

Leonard Thng
Frequent Advisor

MSL2024 tape error


I've a MSL2024 - 1 x ultrium 960 drive connected to a NAS B2000 running on Windows 2000 OS. I've loaded 12 x 800GB data cartridges.

I'm having a problem backing up my files to the tape. Currently i'm running Veritas backup exec 10 on the server. When i scheduled a backup, the backup starts but after backing up for awhile, the library appears to auto change tape. Thus causing "hardware error" and backup fails. Tried for a few times and the same error occurs.

Any idea how to troubleshoot the error?? Any solutions?? Advices muchly appreciated!! Thanks.

Andrzej Kowalik
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL2024 tape error

Did you stopped Removable Storage Service?
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL2024 tape error

Looks like the library is set in sequential mode.

Automatic mode
The default setting is Automatic mode. This mode allows the library to switch between Random andn Sequential mode depending on the SCSI command received. The library is in Sequential mode until it detects certain SCSI commands which put it in to Random mode. You can also configure the library for
Sequential or Random mode. If you do this, it remains in Sequential or Random mode until you revert to Automatic, which can be accessed through the Configuration menu.

Random mode
Random mode is used when there is a full featured or a robotics aware backup application in use. This is the most common mode of operation. In Random mode, the library does not automatically load tapes into the drive; it waits for commands from the software. Your backup software must support robotics, which may require the additional installation of a library module.

Sequential mode
Sequential mode is used when the backup software is NOT robotics-aware or was designed for standalone drives only. In Sequential mode, the library automatically loads and unloads tapes from the drive. The operator determines a tape to load by loading the desired tape into the tape drive using the operator control panel.
When a tape is full or unloaded for any reason, the library automatically removes the tape from the drive, puts it in its original slot, then loads the next available higher numbered slot.
To further determine how you want tapes loaded into the libraryâ s tape drive while in Sequential mode, you can set Loop and Autoload options from the library operator control panel.
To set a library mode, do the following:
1. From the Home screen, press Previous or Next until the screen displays Configuration. Press Enter to
2. Press Previous or Next until the screen displays Library Behavior. Press Enter to select.
3. Enter the Administrative password if prompted.
4. Press Previous or Next until the screen displays Set Library Mode. The second line on the display reads
Automatic, Sequential, or Random. Press Enter.
5. Press Previous or Next to scroll through the screens for Automatic, Sequential, or Random. Press Enter
to select the library mode.
6. Press Previous or Next until the screen displays either Autoload Mode Disabled or Autoload Mode
Enabled. To change the library mode, press Enter.
7. The screen displays either Disable Autoload Mode or Enable Autoload Mode. Press Previous or Next
to toggle between enabled and disabled screens. Press Enter to select library mode.
8. Press Previous or Next until the screen displays either Loop Mode Disabled or Loop Mode Enabled. To
change loop mode, press Enter. The screen displays either Enable Loop Mode or Disable Loop Mode.
Press Enter to select the loop mode.