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Network Storage Router thats if you are using Fibre
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Curtis Ballard
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Your reseller forgot to tell you one critical point.

The configuration you use works great and is fully supported by HP -- If your ISV software supports that mode --.

This model typically requires backup software where there is a single master server and multiple media agents can be installed on different servers. The media agents all send mount/dismount requests back to the master server.

I don't know enough about BE to say whether it supports this mode but it certainly won't work as two different installations.
Mark Cannistraci
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I can tell you that Backup Exec dosen't support that kind of configuration. I think what your reseller meant was that you can backup data from 2 servers at the same time. This would be done through the backup jobs.

Here's what I would do:
With 2 drives, you need a LEO (Library Extension Option) license for the second drive. BE won't be able to use the second drive until you have this installed. Once that is installed you need to create 2 seperate backup jobs. For simplicity I'm assuming that you have your RAWS pushed out to the clients.
OK, this is simple.
Job 1 backs up to Drive 1. and Job 2 backs up to drive 2.
You select which job goes to which drive based on your data storage needs.
In this config, you don't have to set partitioning on the library and both servers get backed up to seperate drives.

There is no way to connect the second drive to a seperate server and have the library know about it since both drives are controlled by the library and not the servers you are trying to connect them to. Only one server can be connected to the library. I would suggest that you connect the library to a dedicated backup server and run the jobs seperately to each drive.
You could go one step further and partition the library (without a mail slot) so that each half of the library is only used for the specific job.
i.e. Job 1 - Drive 1 - Partition 1.
Rinse and repete with job 2.

It may not be the right combo for you. you are the one that is going to have to figure that out!
Good Luck and let us know what you came up with!