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MSL2024G3 email alerts

Miika T
Valued Contributor

MSL2024G3 email alerts

I enabled the email alerts on MSL2024G3, and I keep getting these alerts on daily bases:

07.02.20 08:20:05.04 Library Error - IR: drive media removal prevented

This message was generated automatically from
HP MSL G3 Series

Is Backup Exec doing something funny with the library, or what is the reason for these alerts?

Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL2024G3 email alerts

Yes Backup Exec is doing something funny and we haven't tracked down exactly what the issue is yet.

There is a command that a host can send to a drive called "Prevent Media Removal". If the host has sent that command to a drive, then the drive will not eject a tape. If the library receives a move command while the tape drive is "prevented" then this message is generated and the move will fail with a specific error message.

BE understands the error message, clears the media removal prevented bit, and retries the unload so you won't see any problems but the messages are annoying.

Hopefully the problem will be tracked down and resolved soon. A move command failing because media removal is prevented can cause backups to fail in some applications that don't understand the error message so it is an important message but in this case BE handles the problem and it is just noise.
Torsten Schelbert
Occasional Visitor

Re: MSL2024G3 email alerts

Hello Miika T,
hello Curtis Ballard,

could this problem be resolved ?

We also got these messages,
MSL2024 and BackupExec...


Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL2024G3 email alerts

This is a logged issue in the HP tracking system and we intend to get to root cause and either implement a work-around in the product or work with BE to fix the cause.