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MSL2040 with DL380G5

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MSL2040 with DL380G5

Hello Guys,


I am a proposing MSL2040 Tape Library to our customer for existing DL380G5 Server.

Can you please advice me whether this model MSL2040 can be used for FC channel for the DL380G5?

Or do I need to take caution of other factors such as RAM need to upgrade or FC HBA to install, etc?



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Re: MSL2040 with DL380G5

You mean MSL2024?

If the library has FC, you need an FC HBA in the server too.

Hope this helps!

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Re: MSL2024 with DL380G5

Hi Torsten,


Thanks for your advice. Sorry for typo. Yes. I meant was StoreEver MSL2024. OK. I will propose HP81Q PCIe-FC HBA together. I suppose I need to add some more RAM too. Thanks.