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Re: MSL3040 shows only 32 Slots instead of 40


MSL3040 shows only 32 Slots instead of 40

Hi, a customer gets a new Library MSL3040. In the Veeam software it shows only 32 Slots, also in the MSL Web page Partition Map. How can I change this from 32 to 40?

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Re: MSL3040 shows only 32 Slots instead of 40

Maybe this....

Storage slot access for 32-slot robotic (Q6Q62A)

The robot cannot access the lowest row of storage slots in the library. If the library only has a base module, the library willhave 32 storage slots. Each expansion module adds 40 storage slots.


Re: MSL3040 shows only 32 Slots instead of 40

Hello @werner.zeller 

The serial number reports this product as Q6Q62A. Here's a customer notice:

Added support for the new Q6Q62B base module with 40-slot tape library robotics.
The MSL3040 library firmware supports both the Q6Q62A base module with 32-slot robotics and the Q6Q62B base module with 40-slot robotics. The firmware detects the different robotics assemblies in the two libraries and functions based on which tape library and robotics assembly is detected. The firmware also detects and reports an incompatible robotics assembly installed. The Q6Q62A base module is only able to access 32 slots with either the 882187-001 32-slot robotics assembly or the P08877-001 robotics assembly. The P08877-001 robotics assembly is compatible with both the 32-slot base module and the 40-slot base module.

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