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Re: MSL4048 Aborts backup when a magazine is ejected

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MSL4048 Aborts backup when a magazine is ejected



We recently switched from a MSL6030 to a MSL4048 and we use Data Protector 6.1.  Each library uses two tape drives.   With the MSL6030 if a backup is running in drive 2 and I removed the other magazine (not the magazine with the tape that is being used in drive 2) the backup would continue running without issue.  With the MSL4048 if I try the same process noted above it aborts the backup that is running to drive 2. When the backup aborts it leaves the tape in drive 2 and will not auto eject the tape to the slot,  I have to manually move the media from the drive to a open slot.  I know with the MSL4048 once a magazine is ejected all robotics are halted until all magazines are in place.  But why will it abort a backup that is currently running in a drive.   Any help is greatly appreciated!!


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: MSL4048 Aborts backup when a magazine is ejected

First I would try with newest firmware (7.80) - update the drives too if needed!

Hope this helps!

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