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MSL4048 Backup Media Server Issue

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MSL4048 Backup Media Server Issue



I have a MSL4048 with four 8G FC drives. All four connected to two different Brocade switches (divided two by two).


The backup media server is dl360 g5, 12 gb memory, windows 2008 R2 , with one HP 82B (Brocade 8  gbps dual port card , 825). Each port of 82B is connected to that two san switches one by one.


The problem is, when I restart the server, it never comes back, its always waits at "Starting windows"..


When I disconnect msl4048 from the san switch, I can boot the server successfully. (of course the same, when I disconnect the server from san switch, it is able to boot too)


The zoning on san switches has been reviewed and found to be correct.


Is there a known problem? Or do you have any suggestions?


Thank you.