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MSL4048 LTO-4 FC, Errors in second drive

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MSL4048 LTO-4 FC, Errors in second drive



Didn't find exact answer so decided to create new topic.


We are having MSL4048 with 2x LTO-4 FC drives in use, and now the second drive is marking tapes poor, and then failing rest of the backupjobs with the same drive. Issue is not only on old tapes but also with fresh, new tapes.


I have tried to clean the drive with no results, and as the new tapes are also marked as poor, I am starting to think that the drive is EOL. Problem started suddenly, and has been like this for some time. I disabled the second drive as we had enough backup-timeframe to run on one driver.


Dataprotector messages goes something like this:


Loading medium -> Starting disk agent ->


[Major] [90:182]     Cannot forward segment. (Medium error.)

[Critical] Received ABORT request from SM => aborting.

[Major][90:65]      Tape4:0:0:0C Cannot append to medium (Medium error.)

[Critical] Connection to Media Agent broken => aborting.


[Critical] [90:23]      IPC failure reading NETIO message (IPC Read Error  System error: [10053] Software caused connection abort
) => aborting


[Critical] None of the Disk Agents completed successfully. Session has failed.


Am I on right direction, that the drive is defective ? Or is there something that i could do to solve this issue ?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: MSL4048 LTO-4 FC, Errors in second drive

If possible can you run a Drive Assessment Test in HP Library & Tape Tools and also create a Support Ticket with that tool?

That would help me a lot to check what is the issue.
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