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Re: MSL4048 SNMP and monitoring

Giovanni Sciortino
Occasional Contributor

MSL4048 SNMP and monitoring

I'm using a tape library HP MSL4048 and I need to monitor it to automatically detect hardware failure (e.g. a read/write drive with issues or a broken tapeon the ). I configured the tape library SNMP daemon MSL4048 and I used snmpwalk on a linux server to get the trap list but i don't find any trap related to hardware status of the tape library.
Have you never analyzed this issue? Can you tell me some solution to this issue?

Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL4048 SNMP and monitoring

Look for a MIB file for the HP NetCitizen MIB. That is the primary MIB used by the library for reporting health. That MIB file comes with every installation of HP Systems Insight Manager and is available a lot of other places as well.