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MSL4048 Upgrade question

William Stebelski
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MSL4048 Upgrade question

I have an existing MSL4048 with 2x SAS Ultrium 3000 drives installed about a year ago.  We want to expand the ability to share the library by moving it to Fiber Channel.  If we replace the SAS drives with FC drives (BL544B) modules, does anyone know whether there will there be any problems with managing the library mechanism from the new FC drive.  I am assuming that the drive interfaces cannot be mixed in the chassis but that they can be exchanged according to the latest published upgrade matrix.



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Re: MSL4048 Upgrade question



Yes you can. Technically the interface is on the drives itself and so it should not cause any issues. While buying the FC drives make sure you buy the drives for this model library otherwise the Canister of the drive that fit's it into the chassis will differ



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