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MSL4048 unable to format tape from HP-UX

Louis Francoeur
Occasional Contributor

MSL4048 unable to format tape from HP-UX


I have a Rp3440 running hp-ux 11i v1
with eva4000 and msl4048 with DP 5.5.
No problem with hd access.

I have a problem when trying to format a tape with the library only from hp-ux.

The MSL is at FW 5.30 / 1.70e.
Drives are at FW L57W.

When i format a tape from hp-ux i get:

[90:180] Cannot rewind medium. ([16] Device busy)
Initialization of medium failed.
[90:180] Cannot rewind medium. ([13] Permission denied) . . .
0 media out of 1 successfully initialized.

When i try the same tape in the same drive through a windows server:

Initializing new medium:
1 media out of 1 successfully initialized.

I have found that sometimes even part of a backup will fail (79% backup successful).
When i check the log for the backup, i found the same errors as the format.

Looks like there is a communication problem between unix and the msl.

I have recheck the fibers/switch and it all looks good.

Any idea what to check next?

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: MSL4048 unable to format tape from HP-UX


where is the library connected.
Be aware of some limitation of the built-in SCSI port. A tape drive on this connector is only supported, if there is no HDD in slot 2.

Otherwise you need another SCSI card.

see, for example:

(valid for every tape drive)

Hope this helps!

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Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL4048 unable to format tape from HP-UX

I suspect that you have a problem with your Windows server locking the drive so the HP-UX system can't use it.

There are a couple of possibilities.

Your Windows system has RSM running - if RSM is running it locks every storage device it finds.

Your backup services on the Windows system have the device locked. Try stopping them and see if the problem goes away.

If you have two drives and plan to use one only with HP-UX and the other only with Windows then I would encourage you to zone your SAN at the switch.