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Re: MSL5000 Losing Track Of Tapes

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MSL5000 Losing Track Of Tapes

Last week when the robot took the tape out of the drive and put it back into its home slot, the unit “forgot” that the tape was there. The client had to re-inventory the tapes and unit found them.This keeps recurring.

Has anyone come across this before?  If so what was the resolution? 

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: MSL5000 Losing Track Of Tapes

I may have seen before, checked firmware?
Maybe there is a problem with the bar codes? They're not falling off or something like that?

HP's Library and Tape Tools is a good free utility to upgrade firmware/run diagnostics.

You can also run some diagnostics from the OCP of the MSL.
I believe there should be one called Wellness Test in the OCP.