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MSL5000 Tape Library Message

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MSL5000 Tape Library Message

I have a MSL5000 Tape library connected to a HPUX rp7420 system. I have successfully installed Dataprotector to this system and everything seems to be working well, but, every morning in my email I receive this message:

Event Severity: CriticalEvent Source: Link between (Hub(s)-1[Inferred Port]) <--> (hp StorageWorks MSL5000 Series Tape Library[Inferred Port])Event Category: DeviceEvent Type: LINK_STATUS_DOWNEvent Text: Link between Hub(s)-1[Inferred Port] Wwn=null Address=null<-->hp StorageWorks MSL5000 Series Tape Library[Inferred Port] Wwn=null Address=null: link status changed from UP to DOWN

I get three of these messages (they're all the same)
Do you know why???
Ross Hanson
Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL5000 Tape Library Message

I could only say some common check points for these type of errors:
Not Exactly related to MSL library but in general..

If SCSI is involved :
I would check the external scsi terminations and reseat them.
I would also check for some unexpected bents
on th scsi cable.
This seems to be a simple cable connectivity
problem which is intermitent.
I would replace and check the SCSI cables and check.

If Fiber channel is involved :

I would check for the fiber channel cables.
If possible i would replace and check the fiber cables.( May not be possible in all cases )
Seems that somehow you fiber cable is malfunctioning intermitently. Might be some minor bents..


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