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MSL5000 Tape Library and Windows 2003

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MSL5000 Tape Library and Windows 2003

Linux/Netware shop connecting to a MSL5000 Tape Library via Fiber (an HBA/QLA2340). We are currenlty introducing/connecting a Windows Server to the MSL5000 via s serparate Fiber Zone to backup the Windows Server. We have no experience with Windows Servers in this kind of scenario.

My question is this - Is it normal for a Windows 2003 server to want to operate the tape library when tapes are changed or when the Windows server is introduced to the Fiber Zone. What happens for us is that as soon as we change one tape in the library the Windows Server immediately tries to scan the library and then move the newly imported tape into one of the two tape drives (We do not initate this - it does it on its own). This does not happen with our Linux/Netware boxes (unless we tell them to do so).

Can anybody shed some light as to whether this is just standard operating procedures for Windows or is it misbehaving?

Uli Böhm
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Re: MSL5000 Tape Library and Windows 2003


have you tried to disable the Removable Storage Manager ( windows services )to avoid Windows control?