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MSL5000 library security levels

David Frow
Occasional Contributor

MSL5000 library security levels


A colleague of mine seems to have altered the security and whenever we change the tape cartridges now the library asks for the level 2 password. How do we stop this prompt from appearing?

Randy Weis
Frequent Advisor

Re: MSL5000 library security levels

According to the manual (I know, who reads that?), you disable the passwords by entering 0000. Check page 4-5. I qoute below.

The GUI touch screen offers three levels of security (see Figure 4-4):
* User Level 1: allows access to the mail slot(s).
* User Level 2: allows magazine access, mail slot access, SCSI options, diagnostics, and lets you move media.
* Service: allows access to the menu that lets you view/edit library and SCSI

NOTE: The library ships with a default service password of 5566.

Each password is represented by four decimal digits that are stored in NVRAM in a range of 0001 to 9999.

NOTE: 0000 is used to disable password verification for each level.

Enabling a password at a lower level re-enables disabled higher levels to that value. As a result, prior to accessing any higher level operation, you are prompted first to enter the new higher level password.
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