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MSL5026 (SAN) Tape Jam - How to Resolve?

Bhavesh Amin
Occasional Visitor

MSL5026 (SAN) Tape Jam - How to Resolve?


I have the following configuration: MSL5026 connected to an MBR which is connected to a HP Storageworks SAN switch 2/16-EL. We have approximately 6 servers connected to the SAN using Storageworks 64-bit 66mhz fibre host bus adapters. The servers are running on Win2k SP3 apart from the Master server which is running to NT4 SP6a. Backup Software on all servers is BackupExec 8.6 and each server has the Veritas tape drivers loaded (which was recommended to us).

There have been occassions where we have had tape jams and the backup software (Veritas Backup Exec 8.6) sets the tape library offline. I have tried to use the tape console to remove the tape and sometimes it eventually works and other times it doesn't. When it works if I stop and start the backupexec services everything becomes online. When I am unable to remove it I have to shutdown the whole tape library/san/mbr and all bridgehead servers for everything to come back online. Is there a way to be able to reenable communication between the servers and tape library without a reboot of the servers? There have also been occassions where the jammed tape which was eventually removed remains in the tape library internal drive as a phantom tape thereby not allowing the backup software to use that particular tape drive.

If anyone can help regarding what to do when something like this happens with procedures to follow I'd be grateful.

Many Thanks,
Claudio Ruzza_1
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Re: MSL5026 (SAN) Tape Jam - How to Resolve?

I've met several problems similar to yours when delaing with tape libraries and veritas BackupExec 8.6.
I've found that veritas backupExec 9.1 sp1 deal much better with SAN and tapoe libraries. My personal advice is to upgrade BackupExec to release 9.1 and make sure to apply the latest SP/hot fixes.
In case you cannot upgrade BE yet, please make sure your bridge is using HARD addressing (=static SCSI-to-FC_lun maps). Furthermore, if you have problems with phantom device, please consider this document:

have a look also here:

Hope it helps