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MSL5026 Tape Library Problem

Jayne Youngs
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MSL5026 Tape Library Problem

I have an MSL5026 Tape Libary that we utilize with Backup Exec ver. 9.2 for Netware and we can no longer inventory tapes, backup or restore. When I for example inventory a tape the tape is removed from the slot and placed in the drive but it errors out due to a timeout. The system will then not eject the tape and I must move it instead. I have reattached all cables, restarted the tape drive several times as well as our Backup Server. I ran diagnostics and no problems were reported. Do you have any suggestions? Do you think it may be the Compaq 160GB SDLT LDRV Tape Drive that is installed in the unit? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: MSL5026 Tape Library Problem

Attacht a support ticket using LTT also perform a assesment test.

Pablo Alvarado Siles

Pablo Alv Siles