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MSL5026 Unlock library door

Dave Claypole
Occasional Contributor

MSL5026 Unlock library door


i currently use Backup Exec 8.6 along with a MSL5026 tape library. To be able to remove a tape i need to start backup exec and then "unlock" the device to gain access to the library.

Is there anyway i can issue this command automatically after ever job completes or to leave the door unlocked all the time ?

Dave Claypole
Vladimir Vybiral
Valued Contributor

Re: MSL5026 Unlock library door

Unlocking should be used only when You need to exchange cartridges as after locking the robot scans for changes. I could imagine that there is a script command that could be used to unlock the doors, but I do not see a reason in doing so as before next backup start You would need to go there and close the doors manually... Vladimir
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