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MSL5026 as stacker

MSL5026 as stacker

We have a problem backing up our systems using SLS and HP MSL-Series Library over Fibre Channel. We have a two node ES40 NI-Cluster running OpenVMS 7.3-1. For backup we use SLS 2.9G and two HP MSL5026 SDLT-Libraries (firmware 4.23) connected with a Network Storage Router M2402 (Firmware 4.03.19) to our SAN. We have one library configured as a library (random) and one as a stacker (sequential split). Now from time to time the stacker doesn't change the tapes anymore. After the unload command the tape stays in the drive ready to be picked up by the robotics... The tape stays offline until we reset the library.

It is really enoying because the system is at a remote site. We found a workaround: We have to reset the User Settings and configure the whole library again. Usually it works for a few days/weeks/months...

We have changed the configuration of the libraries (stacker was then library and vice versa) the problem was the same: the stacker didn't change tapes after a certain time.

Anyone knows the problem or even better the solution?
Claudio Ruzza_1
Valued Contributor

Re: MSL5026 as stacker

Which kind of drives are in your MSL?
Which firmware version?

In some older versions of SDLT320 there have been some isuue regarding cartridge stuck in drive.

Your M2402 firmware is also very old.
Current release is 5.6.06

Current library firmware version is 4.30


Re: MSL5026 as stacker

Which kind of drives are in your MSL?
We use 2 SDLT220 Drives

Which firmware version?
FW 75 (Drive) / 75 (Controller)

We upgraded the firmware last year, but still had the same problems. Exept with the old library firmware the web access was working better... now it gets some wrong informations

We will probably upgrade the NSR, but the problem was gone, when we cleared the librarys configuration and left the NSR as they where... not even rebooted!

Re: MSL5026 as stacker

It was a hardware issue. We had to replace the controller card. After replacement we had to do the user reset again. First we had the tapes in the drives. It didn't work. Since we did the User reset with the tapes in the slots it works fine again...