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MSL5026 query by LTT exception (Tru64)

Julian Constantin
Occasional Contributor

MSL5026 query by LTT exception (Tru64)

Hi everyone,

I am having difficulty querying my MSL5026DLX library with LTT V3.5 (Build 10) on a Tru64 V5.1a server (ES40).
LTT crashes when trying to get the device information for the library with the following error message:
"OC_Exception_c caught: Application Exception 1020 (Logical Device : non-fatal I/O failure - function will continue).
Querying the DAT drive (DDS4) SDT-10000 which is also on this system works fine. The tool doesn't seem to be able to identify a SDLT drive which is also installed.

I am trying to prepare for a firmware upgrade on this library to Rev 4.21 as I hope this will fix some intermittent tape unstow problems.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to overcome this problem ? Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Julian Constantin
Jan Klier
Respected Contributor

Re: MSL5026 query by LTT exception (Tru64)


Send an e-mail to This is where we track software support issues related to L&TT.