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MSL5026 with Netapp

Occasional Advisor

MSL5026 with Netapp

Hello Gents

I have recently received the Tape Library MSL5026 with two tape drives which i have to connect with Netapp SAN system and will use by SMSQL Backup software to backup the Database on Tape.
The Library will be connected to the SAN via SCSI Cables.

I have following questions:

1. Is this possible to install the Fiber Channel Card of other brand into the Library instead of Network Storage Router?

2. Can anyone have information if the Library will work with the Netapp System without any problem?

The earlier response will be highly appreciable.

Thanks and Regards

Mike Cross

Re: MSL5026 with Netapp

Answer to question 1 is no. Only NSR's are supported in MSL.

Answer to question 2. We never test with Net app so I wouldn't know if it worked or not.
But is you connected the Library to the Net App and had issues you may have support issues.