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MSL5026DLX causing ES40 to hang up

Alex Tan_2
Occasional Contributor

MSL5026DLX causing ES40 to hang up

I have 2 units of MSL5026DLX daisy chained and connected directly to an ES40 running on OpenVMS7.2. The ES40 hung up a few times and had to be rebooted a few times to clear it. Analysis of the error log files is pointing to the SCSI adapter that the tape drive is connected to.

My question is how this can happen and what I can do to solve/prevent from happening? This product was listed as able to be hookup directly to the Alpha with no issues

Please help
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL5026DLX causing ES40 to hang up

Please provide details on exactly how the cables are routed and what HBA you have in the ES40. Also provide the SCSI id settings for the devices.

You say the libraries are "daisy chained". If the SCSI busses are daisy chained you cannot use the libraries that way. You must have at most 2 drives and a robotics controller on a SCSI bus. If a bus has more than 2 drives then you need to move the extra drives to another bus. It is technically possible to attach more devices if you make certain that you do not have confliciting SCSI ID's, but your performance will suffer.