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MSL5026DLX library OCP 'blank'

Hany Amin
Occasional Contributor

MSL5026DLX library OCP 'blank'

MSL 5026DLX Library
The GUI touch panel is not displaying any thing, the library is working just power but I cann’t manage any thing.
So the normal sequence of diagnostic was to change the GUI toch panel P.N# 231666-001 but still the same problem.
The second was to change the control panel P.N # 231685-001 but still experiancing the same problem after changing the mentioned two parts.

Please advise
Rob J Mack

Re: MSL5026DLX library OCP 'blank'

Did you solve this problem?

I have a MSL5000 library. GUI Touch Panel went blank about 3 weeks ago, the touch function still works (cannot see what to touch though), and the backup software lets us do all normal operations.