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MSL5026SL Unrecognized media format with BEB 10.0

Mario Roberto Pedrozo
Occasional Contributor

MSL5026SL Unrecognized media format with BEB 10.0


We have a MSL5026SL installed with firmware 4.08 for the medium changer and v.051 for the drive
1 MSL5026SL 2 SDLT1 DVR RM Opal
1 Network Strg Router N1200 2Gb (1FC x 2LVD SCSI) US
Software BEB 10.0 SP5 Build 1500

Until the moment we have 5 tapes that after a time (approximately 15 days) when reading it from the BEB again he/she gives the message "Unrecognized media format"; we believe that there is some test read/write that is executing the MSL5026SL in some moment and I joust in this moment it is loaded the Drive, we wanted to know if this is this way and which the suggested solution would be.
From the software BEB includes the option eject, so that if there is some read/write test it doesn't damage it.
We attach the support ticket so that they verify and if it is good that means to suggest us some solution.
Thank you.
Roberto Pedrozo