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MSL5030 HP-UX too many devices in ioscan

Nicole Angelis
Occasional Advisor

MSL5030 HP-UX too many devices in ioscan

Hi all,

We installed a MSL5030 Library this morning and ioscan is giving us some interesting output. The library has 4 DLT drives and two Storage Routers. The library is connected to an 8 port brocade switch. A zone was created on the switch for one Storage Router and one FC HBA on a server, and another zone for the other storage router and server. It is port based zoning, which basically looks like this.

Zone: ZoneTape01
Alias: StorageRouter
Alias: Server_td0

Zone: ZoneTape02
Alias: StorageRouter
Alias: Server_td0

I have confirmed the ports and zone configuration and everything is correct. The problem that we have is that when ioscan is ran on either server, we see like 20 instances of the library!

The Storage Router port speed is set for 2GB/s to match the switch speed, and the Port Mode has been set for N_Port.

This is the firs MSL library in our data center so none our administrators, including myself have much experience with them. We have already checked SCSI cabling and that is also correct.

Any thoughts on this?


Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL5030 HP-UX too many devices in ioscan

Hello Nicole,
it looks like the storage router is not set up properly - I have seen something similar. I don't have any notes with me right now, but I think HP can send you a document that describes how to correctly configure the router.
Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL5030 HP-UX too many devices in ioscan

Are all the devices in ioscan 'good' devices, or do some of the show up as 'NO_HW' ?

Its often the case on HP-UX when configuring FC devices that you end up with a lot of 'ghost' devices due to changing FCIDs during configuration. Check if you have any devices like this by running:

lssf /dev/rmt/* | grep \?\?\?

Any devices that show up in this list can be deleted by runnig:

rmsf /dev/rmt/


rmsf /dev/rmt/22m

or whatever




Claudio Ruzza_1
Valued Contributor

Re: MSL5030 HP-UX too many devices in ioscan

you must set-up your Indexed map putting the AF as the last entry, after robotics and drives.
"Last entry" means that the FC LUN assigned to the AF (in other words, AF is the NSR itself) is the higher.
For instance, if you have an MSL library with four drives, your Indexed map should be set up assigning FC LUN 0 to the robotics, FC LUN's 1 to 4 to the drives and FC LUN 5 to the AF/NSR.
Hope it helps