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Re: MSL5030 seen as MSL5000 series and DLT/SDLT Mini-library

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MSL5030 seen as MSL5000 series and DLT/SDLT Mini-library


I am a little bit lost in the next issue.
first: DP 5.5 and MSL5030 . connected through a SAN.
5 media-agents W2003.
I want to move DP5.5 to another server as the old domain will be deactived and because of that i stumbled against the following thing.
In the system properties of the servers connected to the MSL5030
2 of my Media-agents sees the MSL5030 indeed as a medium changer but as a
'Compaq StorageWorks DLT/SDLT Mini-Library'.
driver: Microsoft, 1-10-2002
version 5.2.3790.0
drive file details:(libxprmc.sys) (microsoft)

And the tape drives
HP Ultrium 1-SCSI SCSI Sequential Device
driver: Microsoft, 1-10-2002
version 5.2.3790.0
(ltotape.sys) (microsoft)

While on the other systems (among them the cellserver) the medium changer is recognised as:
HP Storageworks MSL5000 Series Medium Changer
driver: Hewlett Packard Company, 28-02-2003
drive file details:libxprmc.sys (overland storage inc) version 1.0.5

And the tapedrives
Hewlett Packard LTO Ultrium-1 drive, 15-3-2006
driver file details: hplto.sys (hewlett-packard) version

I did install HP TTL 4.5 on it and could not see any error messages. The MSL5030 was recognised and the picture of it was seen in the application. library and the router was updated.
On a W2003server deinstalled the driver DLT/SDLT and rebooted the system. With no result.
The succes of the backup on systems with the different settings is more or less going okay. Could this become a problem when my main Media-agent sees the MSL5030 as a DLT/SDLT mini-library? Do i have to concentrate more on deinstall of that driver?
Marino Meloni_1
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Re: MSL5030 seen as MSL5000 series and DLT/SDLT Mini-library

the driver for the changer, or robotic or library controller in fact is just a cosmetic one, whathever you use, it will just pass through the SCSI commands.
on one server you have an old CPQ driver for tape libraries
on the other server you have the Overland driver for tape libraries
(Overland is the vendor that build the HW)
You can also use the Windows default driver that is installed by default and let you recognize the library as a "Unknown Medium Changer"
No impact at all using one or another of these drivers.

Related to the Tape drive drivers, here also you can have loaded in your system the drivers from Microsoft, the drivers from HP, or from any other company dealing with LTO tapes.

For the driver of the LTO Tape, the suggestion is to check with the Backup application support what is the best driver supported with it.

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Re: MSL5030 seen as MSL5000 series and DLT/SDLT Mini-library