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MSL5052S2 will not load tapes via Backup Exec

Chris Velasquez

MSL5052S2 will not load tapes via Backup Exec

Help! I am working an issue with a MSL5052S2 2 drvice library. The problem is;
Getting Drive Fetch errors when trying to run backups via Backup Exec. It appears the drives are locked and preventing the robot from loading the tapes to either drive.
Library firmware has been upgraded from 4.08 to 5.13 with no change. It has ben downgraded back to 4.30, same issues. The drives were upgraded V080. I am attaching the support ticket and event ticket to this thread.

I am able to load tapes manually using L&TT without any problems. Any ideas? Thanks!
Jacob Zeeman
Valued Contributor

Re: MSL5052S2 will not load tapes via Backup Exec

Hi Chris,

Just looking over the support ticket I notice that you have the library attached to an array controller. This is a bad idea, and while the library may work on an array controller we do not support this configuration. Also when you ran L&TT did you have all your back-up services stopped, this can affect how well L&TT is able to communicate with the SCSI devices.

In L&TT with the library selected the Front Panel button should populate. Are you able to move media around from slot and drive using the Front Panel button? Have you tried disconnecting the library and power cycling it, then using the front panel of the library moving media?

These are all important trouble shooting steps and can help isolate what could be causing this problem.

If you happen to have a spare SCSI controller you can attach this library to that would be most helpful. Because the array controller is the current controller for this drive I think we'll need to test this on a SCSI controller.

Jake Zeeman
HP Server Storage