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MSL5060 ultruim 230 and dlt8000


MSL5060 ultruim 230 and dlt8000

Can I read/write tapes processed on dlt8000 using MSL5060 ultruim 230. if not, what is the solution to have a FC dlt library that will make use of tapes processed on the old dlt8000?
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Vladimir Vybiral
Valued Contributor

Re: MSL5060 ultruim 230 and dlt8000

No, dlt and lto ultrium formats are incompatible, they are of different design. To make use of older dltIV media recorded on dlt8000 You would need a MSL5026 or MSL5052 libraries, which are equipped either with DLT80 drives or SDLT drives. Also, be aware of SDLT technology being backwards READ compatible with DLT8000, it cannot write to the media.
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