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MSL6000 "Read/Write Stress Test - FAILED"

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MSL6000 "Read/Write Stress Test - FAILED"

Hi guys!

Customer using MSL6000 Tape Library with two tape drives LTO -2..., for backup software Data-Protector 5.5
One of either devices was replaced ( the same p/n and model) and....when they try to do "Read/Write Stress Test - FAILED.
After Backup rejected four tapes with messages:

[Major] From: "HP:Ultrium 2-SCSI_1_dorado" Time: 13.09.2005 7:37:12
[90:51] Tape0:0:1:0C
Cannot write to device (Medium error.)
[Critical] From: OB2BAR_Staff Mailbox Store (DRAGON)@dragon..local "Microsoft Exchange Server (Microsoft Information Store)" Time: 13.09.2005 7:37:48
Received ABORT request from SM => aborting.
Firmware device the last one.

Have any ideas?
Best regards,

David Ruska
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Re: MSL6000 "Read/Write Stress Test - FAILED"

> try to do "Read/Write Stress Test - FAILED.

First, you need to look at thet test results section to see why it failed. It could have failed for a system or tool problem.

The read/write test was designed a general troubleshooting test - it was intended for catching very intermittant problems. The tests runs for many hours.

The tests you want to use are "Device Analysis" and the "LTO drive assessment" test.

These provide troubleshooting advice to determine if the drives are good or bad. Device analysis is included in the support ticket (it is a passive analysis of the drive's logs).

The DP error message suggests that it is having write errors ("Medium error") which could be a drive or a media issue. The assessment test will help differentiate between the two.
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