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MSL6000 tape formatting issue.

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Scott B_1
Occasional Visitor

MSL6000 tape formatting issue.

I am currently having issues with formatting new media in a MSL6000 tape drive. There are other recognised tapes in the drive (400gb ultrium). The following error occurs.

[Major] From: MMA@aupcds04.aupcds00.pc "HP Ultrium" Time: 28/09/2004 10:15:12 AM
[90:54] scsi2:0:6:0C Cannot open device ([1] Incorrect function. )

It does recognise there is a tape installed but will not format or display it as Data Protector media.

Any help is appreciated.
Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL6000 tape formatting issue.


Does the tape drive work with other tapes or is it just with one tape you've got problems.

Double check that the Windows driver for the tape drive and medium changer is disabled in the Device Manager of Windows. And that the Removable Storage Media service is disabled as well.

Do an autoconfigure of the tape drive again and compare the hardware path in here with scsi2:0:6:0C, maybe it has changed.