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MSL6030 2003 x64 driver

MSL6030 2003 x64 driver


I am searching for the 2003 X64 driver (changer) for an MSL6030 for use with DPM (requires Windows driver).

After much searching, the only suitable driver I have been able to locate reports itself as

Hewlett Packard MSL G3 Series autoloader (x64 based 2003)

Driver Provider: Hewlett Packard
Driver Date: 5/09/2006
Driver Version:

On an x86 server the driver I have loaded (but not using as DP talks to changer:) is

hp StorageWorks MSL6000 Series Medium Changer
Driver Provider: Hewlett Packard Company
Driver Date: 28/02/2003
Driver Version:

The fact that it is being reported as "G3 Series autoloader" makes me think it is not the best choice.

I am having some inventory and erase issues currently and am not sure if these are related to the driver or backup software at this stage.

Thanks in advance
Wei Jung
Trusted Contributor

Re: MSL6030 2003 x64 driver

Drivers and higher has support for x64 systems.
Wei Jung
Trusted Contributor

Re: MSL6030 2003 x64 driver

wait im sorry, I thought you were asking about the drivers for the tape drives, never mind, let me keep checking.

Re: MSL6030 2003 x64 driver

Some helpful people at Microsoft have provided me with an Overland driver which appears to be doing a MUCH better job.

It now reports as :
"Overland Loader and PowerLoader Medium Changers"
Provider: Overland Storage, Inc.
Date: 6/08/2006

I would prefer to be using a HP driver if one is available.
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL6030 2003 x64 driver

Usualy this driver (for the medium changer) is only a cosmetic passthroug driver, so the generic (unknow medium) from windows will work fine with any backup application that need a driver for the library controller


Re: MSL6030 2003 x64 driver

Microsoft Data Protection Manager appears to be different to other software (eg HP Data Protector) and uses the Windows driver.

The Overland driver appears to be working well, but I would prefer to use the HP equivalent if such a thing exists.
Frequent Advisor

Re: MSL6030 2003 x64 driver


I am running into similar problem. Windows 2003 x64 with MSL6030, after installing latest x86 drivers from HP (since there are no x64)the medium changer shows up as "Unknown Medium Changer" and I am trying to setup tape backups for MS DPM 2007. How do I get this Overland driver or an HP driver?

Re: MSL6030 2003 x64 driver

Someone from Microsoft was nice enough to provide me with the Overland driver.

My post has been here for many months, so it would seem that HP don't have a x64 driver.

Attempting to attach Overland driver to this post, hope the folks at HP don't mind.
Jen Pineau
Occasional Visitor

Re: MSL6030 2003 x64 driver

can you repost the overland driver? When I download it, it says it's not a valid archive. Thanks!

Re: MSL6030 2003 x64 driver

I too am experiencing this same problem. We use CommVault Simpana Galaxy. I worked with their support and we came to the determination that it was only the library controller driver that would not install. The OS sees the tape drives, but not the library controller in the 6030.
We are also running Windows 2003 SP2 X64.
Can you repost the driver?
I can't unzip it either.
Rene Loser

Re: MSL6030 2003 x64 driver

Hi ReNe,

I downloaded that and it appears to be similiar/identical to the Overland drivers I am using.

libxprmc.inf says v2.0.2.2 which is the same version number I see when I look at the properties for "HP StorageWorks MSL6000 Series Medium Changers".

I compared the two libxprmc.sys files using FC /B and it says they are the same.

The only difference I can see is the Overland driver comes with a libxprmc.pdb file. Don't know what this does though.

PS I have tried to attach the Overland driver again. Sorry to those that asked previously, I have been offline for a while.