MSL6030 + AIX

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MSL6030 + AIX

Server : IBM p650(AIX 5.1)
Tape Lib : MSL6030 FC( not SCSI)

now server is connection of tape.
MSL6030 e-router FC Port LED OFF.
my think...server OS is not loading....

how connection?
is need TSM(IBM)?
Rob Leadbeater
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Re: MSL6030 + AIX


Those words may make sense to you, but they don't make much sense to me... !

Could you ask your question again please...


Bill Costigan
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Re: MSL6030 + AIX

My guess is that the e-router is not configured connectly.

Did you give it an IP address? Can you connect to it with a web browser? What is the status of the FC and SCSI ports?

You didn't mention a switch. So my second guess is that you have the AIX server connected directly to the router and therefore must use FC-AL. You'll have to reconfigured the e-router to use FC-AL and perhaps hard code the loop address.