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MSL6030 FC, NSR RJ11 to DB9 adaptor issue

Trusted Contributor

MSL6030 FC, NSR RJ11 to DB9 adaptor issue

I have an MSL6030 with 460 ultrium drives, it comes with an NSR e1200 with a special cable for serial console with a special adaptor.
I requested an adaptor replacement and HP sent to me a wrong one with same spare part number.
Somebody has an advisory or information regarding this issue.
I think this is an engineering issue!!!
Keep learning!!!
rich pattison
Trusted Contributor

Re: MSL6030 FC, NSR RJ11 to DB9 adaptor issue

The two connectors do look slightly different - the NSR and MSL each have a serial maintenance cable - but they are different - one has 4 conductors and the other has 6, and the DB9/cable adapter is also different, although they also look the same. If the cable and the adapter have 6 conductors - its for an NSR. If it has 4 conductors - its for an MSL. (count the number of 'spring fingers' inside the adapter housing to be sure). They could have got swapped over - but I guess that doesn't explain the part number discrepancy - if its printed on the adapter.