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MSL6030 FC library upgrade

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MSL6030 FC library upgrade


We have one MSL6030 (AD600A) connected to SAN with one Ult2 (460) drive connected to Brocade 4GB SAN switch. We have received an upgrade kit containing one 1840 drive and one e1200-320 4GB controller.


1- Is it possible to connect both 460 and 1840 drives on the old SCSI controller?

2- Any performance issue if they work together?

3- What about the library, e1200, drives supported firmwares when mixed together: any compatibility issues?

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Marino Meloni_1
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Re: MSL6030 FC library upgrade

1- do not attach more than one high Perf LTO drive per scsi channel

2- they will never work toghether, they may work if you use them alternatively: one or the other, but still not recommended

3- you should always put latest fw of each components and it will work fine, no compatibility issue then