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MSL6030 Installation Question

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MSL6030 Installation Question

I just installed an HP StorageWorks MSL6030 2 Ultrium 960 Drive Tape Library with a fibre card. After zoning it and having it appear in the host server, I installed the driver for the controller which added it as a system device. However, I still have two "Other Devices" listed as HP Ultrium 3-SCSI SCSI Sequential Devices. Do I need to install this driver, or will it work as is? I am having trouble finding this driver.

Thanks, Scott
Robert Demmer_1
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Re: MSL6030 Installation Question


download/extract the driver from〈=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=12169&prodSeriesId=443365&taskId=135

Go to your device manager - update driver - and point to the location of the extracted files. You have to do this for each drive.

It depends on your Software if the driver should be enabled or disabled. If you are not sure leave it enabled.