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MSL6030 LTO2 drive problem on AIX6.1 P550

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MSL6030 LTO2 drive problem on AIX6.1 P550


I'm using DP6.2 to backup databases.
My environment:
  CM: win2003 server 64bit
  client: HPUX11.00 * 2
  client: HPUX11.11 * 2
  client: AIX6.1 * 2
  TAPE LIB: HP MSL6030 2xLTO2 drive
The backup jobs working fine on HPUX platforms. The trouble is MSL6030 LTO2 drives cannot working on AIX6.1.
Although aix6.1 can recognize the LTO2 drives, and status are "Available", but tar will not working on these drives.
    # lsdev -Cc tape
        rmt0 Available 03-08-02 other FC SCSI Tape Drive
        rmt1 Available 03-08-02 other FC SCSI Tape Drive

I'v tried to intall latest IBM Atape driver and atldd driver. When using cfgmgr command, it feed backup failure:
     # cfgmgr -l fscsi0
        cfgmgr: 0514-621 WARNING: The following device packages are required for
                device support but are not currently installed.

I know this a problem on AIX, but there's no MSL6030 driver for AIX and the problem stop me from backingup import database.

I ever called HP hotline, the feedback is MSL6030 support AIX. Nether IBM hotline can help me.
Is there anyone using HP tape library on AIX ? Pls hel me. thanks a lot.

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Re: MSL6030 LTO2 drive problem on AIX6.1 P550

After a long time test. I just found out what's wrong with AIX LT0 drives.

After modified 2 charactors of rmt driver, The backup on AIX is working fine.

  BLOCK size (0=variable length)                     [0] 

  RESERVE/RELEASE support                       yes (default is no)

The reserve/release must be set to 'yes'. Otherwise AIX cannot take control the LTO drive.



# smit tape  -> change character menu:

Tape Drive                                          rmt0
  Tape Drive type                                     ost
  Tape Drive interface                                fcp
  Description                                         Other FC SCSI Tape Drive
  Status                                              Defined
  Location                                            03-08-02
  Parent adapter                                      fscsi0
  Connection address                                  1
  BLOCK size (0=variable length)                     [0]  
  Use DEVICE BUFFERS during writes                    yes   
  RETURN error on tape change or reset                yes   
  Use EXTENDED file marks                             yes   
  RESERVE/RELEASE support                             yes   
  BLOCK SIZE for variable length support             [0]    
  DENSITY setting #1                                 [0]    
  DENSITY setting #2                                 [0]    
  Set delay after a FAILED command                   [30]   
  Set timeout for the READ or WRITE command          [144]