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MSL6030/NSR Host and Mapping settings

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MSL6030/NSR Host and Mapping settings

I've been working to get our MSL6030 up and running. But I've had some problems. I've got the Zone setup on my SAN switch, and the zone includes the MSL, backup server, our EVA4000.
I've seen several references in documenation and forums about configuring the hosts and Maps on the NSR, but not much detail as to how.
For example, when I try to setup the Backup server as a Host, there's information that I can't find. I know what the WWN is, but I'm unfamiliar with the WWN Hi and WWN Lo.

Current Host Information for 10000000c95d46(THQBACKUP01)

Host Name 10000000c95d46(THQBACKUP01)
Host Id(in Hex) 000001
Port WWN Hi(in Hex) 00000000
Port WWN Lo(in Hex) 00000000
Node WWN Hi(in Hex) 00000000
Node WWN Lo(in Hex) 00000000
rich pattison
Trusted Contributor

Re: MSL6030/NSR Host and Mapping settings

The information about the server WWN should be automatically propogated on the mappings page, if the connection between NSR and server is correctly made. The fact that these are all zero in your display suggests that the NSR can't see the server connection.

Dont worry too much about port/node or Hi & Lo numbers - you just need to tie up the last few digits, (Lo numbers) with the WWN of your HBA. Once you do that you can give this number an 'alias' which would normally be the name of your server. This is the Host name shown in your display (you can rename this to anything you like !)

Until you get the correct WWN displayed on the mappings page, you can't go any further.
Check out your zoning again, and if you are familiar with the switch - you can check that both the server and NSR are logged-in and in the same zone, (the nameserver table is a good place to start - it show both login status, and zoning information)

hope this helps
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Re: MSL6030/NSR Host and Mapping settings

Thanks for the info, that got me looking in the right direction. I had configured 2 separate Zones, one for the backup server's connection to the SAN, and one for the MSL, which I had added the backup server to as well. I didn't realize until looking closer at nameserver that only one Zone could be active for a device.

After fixing the zoning issues, the MSL was detected by my server without a problem.