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MSL6030 + Netbackup 5.x - Cleaning Question

Michael Haslam
Occasional Visitor

MSL6030 + Netbackup 5.x - Cleaning Question


I am currently looking for best practice on cleaning an LTO2 drive within an MSL6030 tape library.

We have the option of disabling the automated cleaning through the MSL6030 and use netbackup to run a clean using a barcoded CLN cleaning tape - reason behind this was that we could monitor the tape cleaning status easily.

Other option is not to use the netbackup cleaning operation and allow the library to run clean operations automatically which I believe should use the CLN tape (when configured) if there is a problem with the automated clean.

Is there any audit history available to check whether the automated clean has been successful or to confirm it is working, and what would be the best method to use - some advice on cleaning frequency if set through Netbackup would also be greatly appreciated.
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Re: MSL6030 + Netbackup 5.x - Cleaning Question


I cannot tell you about netbackup, but we used the automatic cleaning with our MSL unit, with DP5 with no problems. You may even use the cleaning tape more often than you need to if you just script it through netbackup and not just when it is sensed through the MSL unit.

Just a thought.

If I can, I will!
Michael Haslam
Occasional Visitor

Re: MSL6030 + Netbackup 5.x - Cleaning Question

Are there any logs available from the MSL library (web interface or otherwise) that tell you the automated cleaning has taken place - just wanted to know how we can track the cleaning is working as expected.
Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL6030 + Netbackup 5.x - Cleaning Question


Cleaning a dirty drive is a library operation and not a job for any software that uses the library.

So I enable always the auto cleaning function on the library an do not use the backup software (DP or TSM) for it.

The cleaning cartridge itself has a cartridge memory that keeps track of the number of cleanings that occured. If it exceeds the 20 cleaning cycles, it will be anounced on the library console.

You can check it too in the Full drive status from the web interface of the MSL library how often cleaning occured (if I'm not mistaken).

An order of magnitude for cleaning is once a year for LTO tapes, so one single cleaning tape can be used rather long (10 years with 2 LTO drives). This depends of course on the library usage too. But do not ever run preventive cleaning cycles. This causes more bad things than good things.

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