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MSL6030 and SAN connection

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MSL6030 and SAN connection

I am attempting to get our MSL6030 connected to our EVA4000 with the 4/16 SAN Switch.
I'm having trouble setting up the Zoning for this. First, I'm not seeing the WWN of the tape library. The Switch sees the port the MSL is connected to as a L-Port.
I've seen some references to using AL_PA, but have not found much documentation on how. The NSR e1200-320 in the MSL appears to be connecting, although I saw a message saying the SFP was not supported.
Ivan Ferreira
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Re: MSL6030 and SAN connection

You should connect to the NSR router and configure the Topology to fabric instead of AL.

The NSR provides a serial cable for initial configuration, you can then set an ip address if you want to manage via LAN.

The initial user and password are:

username: root
password: password


1) Perform Configuration
3) Fibre Channel Configuration
3) Toggle Port Mode
Toogle until you get:
Port Mode : N_Port Mode

Save the configuration and reboot the library.
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Re: MSL6030 and SAN connection

If you need more information of how to configure the NSR check the following thread, it has links to some documents:

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Re: MSL6030 and SAN connection

Thanks for the replies. I finally found part of the answer in another forum. The ports on my SAN switch were allowing Loops, and once I disabled that on this port, set the NSR to N_Port, the NSR showed as UP/Fabric, and the SAN switch showed it connected to the Fabric, rather than a Loop. Now I have my Zoning setup, and just need to get the library recognized by the EVA and presented to my backup server. . .