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MSL6030 problem

alon palombo
Occasional Contributor

MSL6030 problem

MSL6030 connected to 39160/3960D-Ultra 160
SCSI Adapter on a DL360-G4.
some of the backup jobs are failing and
I get the following errors from the
library and tapr tools:

|__ Test 'LTO Drive Assessment test' started on device 'HP Ultrium 3-SCSI' at address '2/0.1.0'
|__ Please confirm that a test cartridge is loaded into the drive (CAUTION: any data on the cartridge will be lost). Continue with the test?
|__ Testing has completed and some warnings were reported.
|__ Analysis Results
| |__ LTO Drive Assessment Test, version V19.08.2005
| |__ Product ID is Ultrium 3-SCSI
| |__ version: V31.11.2005
| |__ Script is unable to verify if this device is using latest firmware.
| |__ Rule 9:
| |__ The drive has detected errors consistent with cabling issues.
| |__ Please check your cabling and connections between the host and the drive.
| |__ If you are confident they are of the correct type, and are in good condition, and these errors continue, then please contact hp support.
| |__ Rule 19:
| |__ The current SCSI configuration is likely to be limiting the performance of the drive.
| |__ Please check that your HBA is the correct type for the drive and that the cabling is good.
| |__ The SCSI configuration referenced is the one for which device analysis was run and/or the support ticket was pulled.
| |__ If this is not via your backup server then you may not have an issue.
| |__ Current SCSI transfer rate limited to: 160 MB/sec. Recommended: 320 MB/sec. or better
| |__ There were 18 rules checked.
| |__ Device Analysis has checked the historical information and warnings have been reported.
| |__ Testing has completed and some warnings were reported.
|__ Operations Log
|__ executing LTO Drive Assessment Test...
|__ analyzing device data...
|__ updating device writeback data...
|__ checking for tape loaded...
|__ SCSI parity check...
|__ writing ...
|__ writing block 30000 of 300000...
|__ writing block 60000 of 300000...
|__ writing block 90000 of 300000...
|__ writing block 120000 of 300000...
|__ writing block 150000 of 300000...
|__ writing block 180000 of 300000...
|__ writing block 210000 of 300000...
|__ writing block 240000 of 300000...
|__ writing block 270000 of 300000...
|__ writing block 300000 of 300000...
|__ rewinding ...
|__ SCSI parity check...
|__ LTO Drive Assessment Test Finished...
|__ Test passed with warnings

I have replaced all the cables but
i did not help.
any ideas ?
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL6030 problem

This is just an information telling you that the drive (LTO3) is not able to reach this native communication speed on the scsi bus.
In your case this is normal as the HBA is a U160, and the speed negotiation is 160 MB/s. You can safely ignore the message

hopefully in the future the scipts may be more precise in the suggestions ;)