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MSL6060 Error code FSC100F

Lawrence Franchini_1
Occasional Advisor

MSL6060 Error code FSC100F

I am looking for for 2 items.

What does FSC100F mean on a drive?

Where is there a document to explain the error codes for a MSL 6060?

I have a MSL 6060 10U, 2 drive config through a Fiber SAN connection working with a W2003 server.

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL6060 Error code FSC100F


This error (100F) says that the SCSI bus to the library controller is not terminated. This would be the bus from the FC card to the library controller (perhaps daisy-chained to a drive).

There needs to be a SCSI terminator on the adjacent connector at the end of the SCSI bus (away from the FC card).

You can look up all the MSL FSC codes (and more) here:

This is a troubleshooting tree for the MSL 5000/6000 products.
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Lawrence Franchini_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSL6060 Error code FSC100F

Thank you.